A full stack team working with the latest application and web technologies

We are a full-stack digital team specialized in frontend and backend technologies together with structured and professional project handling and documentation.

DevMarvel is simply the perfect partner for getting your digital projects done in time without loosing out on code and design quality.

Here is the list of services we are passionate about:

Angular - Ionic - Electron - Flutter

Build a real world beautiful web/native app in record time for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase with Angular, Ionic or Flutter. We use a rich set of fully-customizable components to build native interfaces in an instant.

APIs and Backend Dev

Custom back-end solutions that are high-performing, scalable and secure. We are particularly strong at developing custom-made back-ends that work in conjunction with out-of-the-box services and are hosted with popular vendors like Amazon, Google, Microsoft.

Headless CMS

Structured Content. Done Right. Edit collaboratively, distribute over APIs and freely decide later on how and where you content will be used. With Sanity we get a powered site running in minutes. Best-practice projects. Fully configured and deployed. Source code included.


A new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience. Create fast and secure sites and dynamic apps with JavaScript, APIs, and prerendered Markup, served without web servers.

Cloud Computing & Docker

A world-class infrastructure and robust set of solutions to build, operate, and grow your business in today's complex, multi-cloud environment with AWS or Google Cloud. With a quick access to servers, storage and databases, we build, modernize and scale your applications in an instant.
Docker has become our tool for both easy transfer of development environment and production deployment. Clone your project repo from our git servers, "npm install" and you have the full app up and running in seconds on your local machine.

User Interface Design

Friendly, user-centric mobile and web experiences that incorporate the latest in digital design and front-end technologies to capture user attention and create memorable brand experience via wireframe, design, and prototype in Adobe XD.

Our Latest Work

Nobel Biocare
Nobel Biocare, Ionic/Angular

The sales team at Nobel needed a convenient way to communicate and keep track of their sales material. The Hub is a Ionic project with releases for Android, IOS and Windows (Electron). Get in touch with us if you are interested in similar solutions.
Customer: Nodeark Ab, Göteborg, Sweden


Custom media database solution that are high-performing, scalable and secure. This is an old school solution with a tomcat servlet container running java connected to a oracle database. This latest project was an overall upgrade off the media engine that serves and converts media between different formats.
Customer: Saab Group, Linköping, Sweden

Digitalt Papir AR CMS
Dpar AR CMS Admin

A cutting edge admin to handle AR solution for mobile devices. Angular frontend running against a .net core api with assets stored at S3. Three.js integration for 3d objects editing.
Customer: Spire Digital, Flisa, Norway

Airmobile Agents

Airmobile works with wifi throughput measurements for their enterprise customers around the world. This project includes clients for android, windows ce and windows 10 devices. We use Kotlin, Java, Net Compact framework and the latest .Net releases to deliver native applications on each platform. These devices are used where wifi connectivity are vital for the
Customer: Airmobile Ab, Stockholm, Sweden

At DevMarvel, We Bring the Whole Team

We always tackle our projects as a team. We sit together in the middle of Bangkok city and have created a multicultural environment of learning, fun and work. We spend more then 25% of our time in learning new tech and frameworks. We evaluate and see what they have to offer and if they are a good fit for our projects or customers

As a partner or customer you are always welcome down to sit with us for a week or two. Changing environment is always a good way of getting extra energy and spawning new ideas

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Want To Join Our Team?

We are always looking for talented people who loves creating new experiences and products for our customers. Get in touch with us on +66 (0)909 691 039 or send an email to careers@devmarvel.com